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Capital Credits

The Brown-Atchison Electric Coop is set up to furnish electric service at cost.  Therefor, any payments made by a patron for electric service, which are in excess of the cost of providing such service, will be credited to the members contributing this excess and is termed a Capital Credit.  Each member is given credit for his proportionate share of capital furnished or contributed to the Co-Op in accordance with the electric service he has purchased.  The total capital credits represent the member’s equity or his ownership in the cooperative.  These capital credits cannot be returned to the patrons immediately in the form of cash patronage refunds – in face, such returns cannot begin to made until the coop has reached a financial condition which will permit it to do so without running the risk of not being able to meet all of its other cash obligations as they become due.  Distribution of patronage credits may be made at some future date should the Board of Trustees deem the Cooperative system strong enough to do so without jeopardizing its reserves and financial structure.  When you do move from our line it is very important that you keep us informed of your current address.

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