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Note from the General Manager

Ready for spring!

As I write this article for the next issue of Country Living, I look out the window at the 13” of snow we recently received on top of the 4” we had the weekend before and it is snowing now. Along with the snow came the bitter cold and yes, higher electric, gas, and propane bills. The cold is good for our business, but is hard for our member’s checkbook including mine!

In previous reports I have mentioned the concern with the Environmental Protection Agency advanced position to use the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new fossil-fuel power plants. Proposed standards affecting existing coal plants are expected in June. The agency’s proposals could potentially make coal-based electricity economically unviable.

Why should you care? Because you get the majority of your electricity from coal, and it’s your electricity rate that will pay for those new regulations. Expensive energy WILL hurt our fragile economic recovery.

We believe coal must remain “on the table” as an option along with all cost-effective generation resources including nuclear, natural gas, hydroelectric, wind and solar.

You can help!   

Visit to learn more about the issue. Then complete the easy online

Form to send an email to the EPA. Tell them that America needs a common-sense solution to our energy and climate-change challenges.

For those of you that haven’t registered for the Smart-Hub feature (on-line bill pay and bill viewing with usage report) call the office, ask for Whitney and she will help get you set up.

Hopefully by the time you read this in the March issue of Country Living we are enjoying an early spring!


                                                                   Jim Currie, General Manager

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