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Note from the General Manager


Chances are when you joined The Brown-Atchison Electric Cooperative you paid a membership fee of anywhere from $5 to $25. That is your part of the equity or your share of ownership (Members contribute equitably to the capital of their cooperative). You also do something else every month that allows your co-op to keep the lights on – you pay your bill!  

As a member, you have a say (democratically control) through your elected board of directors. The board sets the strategic direction of the cooperative, then the management and staff put that direction into action through the operations of the co-op.                     

At the end of the fiscal year, if your co-op has received more money than it needed for the expenses, a portion is set aside for reserves which is like a savings account for the co-op. So if a storm or flood comes through, the co-op will have the funds to do the needed repairs. The remaining amount is allocated to each member based on how much electricity they used during the year (benefiting members in proportion to their transactions). This is the amount you will see as a capital credits check or a credit on your bill.   

While the safe, reliable and affordable provision of electricity is most important, your co-op does many other things too. Space light rental and service, electric water heater rebates, heat pump rebates, youth tour program, electrical safety education just to name a few.

The Brown-Atchison Electric Cooperative is not some large power company headquartered in a far off state with stockholders from around the world. We are right here in Horton, KS. We were formed by neighbors and friends who came together with the goal to improve the quality of our lives through electricity. Our goal is to continue to do that by improving the quality of your life with the same neighborly approach.

   Our cooperative principles guide us, and through your economic participation we make sure our focus is on you, the member-owner.

Jim Currie, General Manager